from 9th till 30th november 2011

During our stay in this multi functional and cultural place known as the Recyclart, we encouraged the people from the neighborhood (Ursulines, Marolles, …) to be part of the project "it's better here". We tried to take pictures in their living environment but also by inviting them to our special installation in the studio and allow them to travel without leaving this train station.

This workshop was held at the Recyclart with students from the ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique) Art school from Brussels.

They are : Adrien Domken, Missak Vehouni, Diana Difino, Marie Fouason, Violaine Nothelier, Nils Grauerholz, Sophie Van Nerom, Matilde Gony, Charlotte Chauvin, Stephan Garcia, Iulia Buruiana, Violaine Launay, Léo Pscherer, Florence Lorent, Isabella Simi, Loic Polomé, Pauline Peeters, Julien Pétrequin, Alexis Pétard, Quentin Liard, Laurent Verbeke, Merlin Meuris, Jérémy Bobel, Margotte Garnier, Lysiane Ambrosino, Ella Duret, Mathilde Le Moal, Marine Gabaut, Éléonore De Belva, Agnes Mota Huelves, Morgane Stameschkine, Daniel Canario, Boris Schpynda.



We were there from the 9th till the 30th November 2011

Make sure you come at least on the Thursday 24th eve for a worldwide photo shoot!


rue des Ursulines 25

1000 Brussels


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