Kulturfabrik Esch/Alzette (L)

A workshop was held between 2 - 6 September 2013 at the KulturFabrik in Luxembourg with young people from the area. The inhabitants of various neighbourhoods of Esch/Alzette were invited to participate and reflect on their living environment in an original way.

These local people were photographed in their environment but also projected in their dream location, this with a little help from some photo-editing software.

During the week, the young participants were introduced to all the steps needed for such a project, from the interview to exhibition, and were involved in writing, photographing, photo editing, layout, etc…

The results will be shown 'full size' at Kulturfabrik's Galerie Terres Rouges from 20-29 September 2013.

An organisation in partnership with Kulturfabrik and the "Service Jeunesse" of Esch.



Joanne Theisen, Emanuel Gouveia, Kahinna Costa, Cindy Dos Santos, Anna, Yan Lam, Philip Conter, Sophie Rousseau.




20 > 29 septembre 2013

Galerie Terres Rouges
Rue du Luxembourg 116, 
4221 Esch/Alzette
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

Exposition des travaux des jeunes à la Kulturfabrik

10 years 9 months ago